Labyrinth: Footsteps and Breath


St Peter Labyrinth

Here is another painters tape labyrinth that I constructed in a small portion of the basement of another one of the churches I serve.  The floor is cold there, so I highly suggest wearing socks if you plan to take off your shoes!


Remove your shoes.  You will be walking on holy ground.  Walk the labyrinth slowly and deliberately, focusing on the path only a few feet ahead.  Don’t worry about when it will be time to turn; you will get there.  Don’t worry about the path that you are taking; you will get to the center (it is not a maze).  Practice walking this way all the way into the center.  You may sit and listen for God’s presence for a few minutes before making your way back out.

BREATH PRAYER:  On the Way Out

As you make your way out, you may repeat the same short prayer with each step.  Some examples include:

Thank You (left foot) God (right foot) or

Watch (left foot) over me (right foot) or

Holy (left foot) Spirit (right foot) or

I shall (left foot) not want (right foot).

Continue this practice for the entire path of the labyrinth.  Pause and say, “Amen” as you reach the exit, and continue on your journey.


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