Labyrinth: Pause and Pray


Hardy Labyrinth

My confirmation students and I constructed the above prayer labyrinth in about 30 minutes with painters tape.  Then, we engaged in the following activity.  It was amazing how quiet and focused they were, really seeming to enjoy their time with God.


This type of labyrinth walking includes intercessory prayer.  Walk the labyrinth, and, at each turn, pause for a few moments and pray for someone or something specifically.  Then, make the turn and walk to the next turn.  When you arrive in the center, you can spend some time doing praying in color for the people or things that you mentioned in your walk.

PETITIONS:  On the Way Out

On the way out of the labyrinth, you can also pause and pray, this time for yourself and things that you need.  When you reach the exit of the labyrinth, pause for a few moments to thank God for the opportunity to talk to him.  Say “Amen” and go on with your journey.


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