Portable Prayer Stations


Last year, my confirmands and I focused on experiential prayer.  We always go to a week of Confirmation Camp in the summer, and I thought that making somethings that would kick off this year of prayer would be a good way to start.  I call them “Portable Prayer Stations,” because they could, in the words of Deuteronomy, use them “at home and away, when they lie down and when they rise.”  My youth shortened this to P.P.S.

First, I wanted a bag to hold everything in.  A full sized canvas bag seemed like too much, so I bought plain ones in a three pack from Michaels, ripped out the seams, and resewed them, using only half of the bag.  We decorated them with fabric markers.  Here is the finished product:

pps bag

Next, I took a trip to the dollar store.  I found half-sage sized notebooks with inspirational phrases on them for $1 each (more about prayer journals in another post), a set of markers for $1 per set, a set of good black ink pens without clickers (they drive me crazy when I’m trying to teach) for $1, and a box of LED tealights for less than $5.  Then I made a bookmark with prayer starters and prayer scriptures (find it here: Prayer Journal Bookmark), printed off an image of a labyrinth on cardstock:

paper labyrinth

and brought everything with me to camp.  Here is the final result:


As you can see, we had already added a cootie catcher prayer by the time I took this picture, and by the time the year of confirmation was over, our P.P.S. bags were overflowing with goodies, so much so that my students have requested new bags big enough to hold their prayer stuff, Small Catechism books, and Bibles!  Hopefully, I will have time to do this between now and the end of August.

I hope that this has inspired you to get creative in prayer with those whom you serve!


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