Prayer Journals


One of the ways that I have found works well for sharing highs and lows to pray about together in Confirmation Class is a simple prayer journal.  I found 7 by 5 inch notebooks with inspirational sayings on the front cover at the dollar store for $1 a piece.  Mine looked like this:

prayer journal

Of course, that wasn’t quite fancy enough for me, so we added an invitation envelope to the front to hold extra stuff that might slip out, like this:

pj inside front cover

This was nice when someone forgot their PPS (Portable Prayer Station), but wanted to keep what they had written down.

Then, we added “Prayers Asked” and “Prayers Answered” invitation envelopes to the inside back cover, like this:

pj inside back cover

And finally, we taped a pen/pencil labyrinth to the outside back cover, like this:

pj back

We also tucked a prayer prompt bookmark into the journal to help us keep our place.  You can find it in my previous post about Portable Prayer Stations here.

We have used these prayer journals for a variety of things.  We have recorded highs and lows, written out memory work, written journal entries using prayer prompts, prayed in color, and written our famous “one sentence summaries” of what we have learned each week in confirmation. It’s amazing to me how often my students will use them during class down time, either looking back through what they have written and marveling about how their prayers have been answered, or writing personal prayers, questions, and reminders, or (and this is by far their favorite) praying in color about anything and everything!  More about this prayer practice in a future post.  Happy journal making!


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