Thanksgiving for Freedom Prayer


During a unit on the Exodus in the Bible, I thought it would be a good idea to remember the freedoms that we, as Americans in this time and place, enjoy.  I had my students draw the outline of an American flag in their journals and put the freedoms that they are thankful to God that they have in the “stripes.”  Mine looked like this:

Thanksgiving for Freedom

We came up with things like freedom of religion, to vote, the press, to travel, etc.  When the group was finished filling in their stripes with freedoms, we went around the circle to pray for them, trying to thank God for a different freedom each time until we ran out.

The prayer began, “We thank you, God, for all of the freedoms we have been given because we are American citizens.  Some of the freedoms we thank you for include…” (go around the circle)

The prayer ended, “Thank you for these, and all of our freedoms.  Help us not to take them for granted, but to rejoice always in the freedom we have through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen”

Enjoy praying together in freedom!


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