Walk for Water Encouragers (Water Bottle Noisemakers)

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Water Bottle Noisemaker

When our parish did their own version of ELCA World Hunger’s Walk for Water, I wanted to make sure that our walkers had the big welcome home that they deserved.  Noisemakers of some sort seemed a must.  Noisemakers that went with our theme of water seemed perfect!  They worked wonderfully, so I thought I would share them here.  They would be perfect for all sorts of occasions where encouragement is needed or wanted (just after a baptism, anyone?).  Here they are:


  • 12 disposable water bottles, labels removed empty and dry (it takes a few days for them to dry, so prepare these in advance)
  • blue and clear metallic gift shreds (1 small bag of each)
  • thin ribbon in white, light blue, and dark blue (50 cent rolls work great)
  • 12 silver jingle bells in extra large size
  • 24 silver jingle bells in large size


Fill the water bottles with gift shreds (be generous so they stay full when someone shakes it).  Replace the cap.

Cut 18″ lengths off of each color spool of ribbon.  Tie them together around the neck of the bottle.

Tie a large jingle bell up at the neck of the bottle using one color of ribbon. Tie two small jingle bells to the ends of two different ribbon ends.

Voila!  Your very own Walk for Water Encouragers!

Water Bottle Noisemakers


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