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Advent Spiral: Praying in Color


This year, I came up with a tool for prayer during Advent called an Advent Spiral.  It is a cross between an Advent calendar and an Advent wreath.  An Advent Calendar marks days; the Advent Wreath marks weeks, and the Advent Spiral marks both.  In our parish, these spirals are appearing in different ways:  on our bulletin covers, as a wooden wreath, as a piece of wall art, and as a Praying in Color tool.  The Praying in Color tool is available to you, below, with the following instructions:

During the season of Advent, we prepare for Jesus to come down from heaven and be among us, both on Christmas and at the end of time.  Each day of Advent, color one star (Sundays) or circle (weekdays) as you pray.  You will reach the center star on Christmas Day.  For more info on Praying in Color, see

Advent Spiral, Praying in Color:  Praying in Color Advent 2015

Advent Spiral, wooden wreath:

Advent Wall Spiral: