Praying in Color for Lent: One Page

Lent, Prayer

Praying in Color Lent 2016.jpg

In our parish this Lent, our theme is “Journey Around the Cross.”  If you would like to fill in a daily calendar for Lent, Praying in Color-style, download the file below:

Praying in Color Lent 2016

As you sit down to pray each day in Lent (excluding Sundays, which are little Easters), choose a cross to color in.  It could be with one color, or a pattern, or a repeating set of symbols.  You could even choose a word to focus on for each day in Lent and write it in the cross.  Here are some words you could use, from Alive Now at Upper Room:


Whatever you do that helps to keep you focused on talking with God is the right way to do it!

Here is some music to play while you color, if you wish!


If you would like to know more about this style of prayer, look for more resources here:



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