Quiet Lent Prayer Resource #3: Prayer Beads

Lent, Prayer

In our parish, we are going to practice a Quiet Lent.  For us, this means that we will take some time of quiet just before the service begins to center ourselves, talk to God, and prepare our hearts and minds for worship.  It does not mean silence; after all, we have kids in our churches, thank the Lord!  This post introduces the third of four resources that will be available for adults, youth, and children to make use of during this quiet time.  The explanation and downloadable resources are below.  God bless your Lenten journey!

Focus Word for the Week:  Repent

Focus Verse for the Week: No, I tell you; but unless you repent, you will all perish as they did. (Luke 13:3 NRSV)

Prayer Beads adult.jpg

Prayer Beads

I made my own prayer beads.  The ones for adults were made out of wooden beads on leather necklaces in two sizes.  I was able to fit 4 sets of 7 on each string, with enough room left over to slide the beads from side to side.  For the children, I purchased “party beads” and added crosses made of pony beads and hemp string.

Prayer beads are a way to focus as you pray.  You move from one bead to the next as you move from one idea to the next.  You may use them in several ways; chose one option, below, or use them in whatever way helps you to focus on God and prepare for worship.  God bless your time to focus on God.

Joys and Concerns
Pray for one joy on one bead, one concern on the next bead, until you reach the beginning of the chain again.

Petition and Intercession
Pray for something for yourself (petition) on one bead, pray for others on the next bead (intercession), and continue until you reach the beginning of the chain.

Focus Verse
You can use the beads to memorize, internalize, and meditate on the focus verse for the week.  Repeat the verse one time on each bead, and end with the Lord’s Prayer.

Variety Prayer
Use seven beads for petition, seven for intercession, seven for confession, seven to breathe, and the cross for the Lord’s Prayer.

For Kids
Small kids can also do this as a breath prayer, or as a way to memorize an important prayer.  An example of a breath prayer would be “Thank you” on one bead, “Jesus” on the next all the way around.  You could also memorize the Lord’s Prayer by doing one petition on each bead:  “Our Father,” on one bead, “Who art in heaven” on the next, “Hallowed by thy name” on the next, and so forth.

Prayer beads kids.jpg

Resources to Download
You can download a two-sided card with an explanation here:  Prayer Beads explanation Lent 2016


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