Summer Prayer Chain


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This prayer idea came to me because our confirmation class is about to go into recess for the summer.  We are dispersing, just like those who were sent into exile in Babylon.  As we prepare to disperse, let’s promise to pray for one another in a prayer chain.  Each of us will make several strips of paper with our own name printed on them.  Each of us will take at least once strip from each other student, making sure to reserve at least one of our own.  We have 13 weeks until our next class, so each of us need at total of 13 strips.  We will each assemble our own chain in a paper chain, similar to one you might put on a Christmas tree, with the names of our confirmation students alternating (we only have 5 plus the pastor, so we will pray for one another multiple times over the summer, plus one time for the incoming confirmation students at the end of the summer).  Take your chain home and hang it in a place you won’t forget it.  Each week on Wednesday night, remove one link and pray for that student (or pastor) over the course of the week.  When the chain is empty, it will be time to gather together again!  Thank you for promising to keep each other in prayer!


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