Follow the Star: Advent Praying in Color 2016

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This Advent, we will be following the account of Jesus’ birth in the Gospel of Matthew.  The Gospel of the Luke has Mary, the shepherds, and the angels, while the Gospel of Matthew focuses on Joseph, the wise men, and the star.  During the season of Advent we wait and prepare for Christ’s coming among us.  As we wait this year, we will follow the star as it rises.  Our Praying in Color resource will do the same, with the star growing in size and brightness each week until Christmas.   You can find the file here:  advent-pic-star-2016

It looks like this:

IMG_20161115_104621522 (2).jpg

The first week, you begin with the star in the center, coloring a small section of it each day until the star is complete.  Here is an example of what it might look like:

IMG_20161115_102553488 (2).jpg

You can color it with a single color each day, or include patterns, tiny sketches, or even words.  Whatever benefits your prayer life and your preparations for Christ is the right thing to do.

The second week, you begin to color the path around the second star.  Because there are 10 sections of “road” to cover, I suggest that you do four sections on Sunday, and one section each the rest of the days of the week.  This is what it might look like on Wednesday of the second week:

IMG_20161115_102810308 (2).jpg

When we get to the season of Christmas and the Feast of Epiphany, we will fill in the white space around the star, until the whole page shows forth Christ’s light to the world.

I will post my completed star each week on this blog. God bless you as you slow down and take some time to spend with God during this holy season.

Here is some music to listen to while you pray:


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