Lent 2017 Coloring Prayer Focus Word Week 5: Listen

Lent, Prayer

Listen PiC001.jpg

Each Sunday during Lent, our parish will have a Focus Word and a Focus Verse.  One way to really let the Focus Word and Verse to soak in is to color them while you pray.  I print them on white cardstock because I find that no matter what art supplies I use, it doesn’t soak through.  Also, it is easier to frame or preserve a sturdier piece of paper.  Below, please find our resources for the fifth week in Lent.

This week is a little different, because there isn’t much of a pattern to follow.  Instead, our aim is to listen to God as we color in the word “listen,” and then Pray in Color using small symbols to show what you are hearing.  They can be concrete or abstract, simple or complex.  It could even be the same symbol over and over again, using different colors to express different things for you.  May the ears of your heart be opened as you pray this week.

Focus Word:  Listen

Focus Verse:  Jesus said to them, “Unbind him, and let him go.” (John 11:44b NRSV)

Coloring Page:  Coloring Prayer Listen

Your finished product might look something like this, or completely different:

PiC Listen017.jpg



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