Easter Morning Sun Salutation Prayer Sequence

Easter, Prayer

What better way to welcome the rising of Jesus as the Son of God on Easter morning than with a Sun Salutation? This morning, we pair the basic movements of a Sun Salutation with the traditional greeting of the Easter season. (A special thanks to Julie Petersen at Breathe Yoga and Essential Oils for the idea to pair Sun Salutations with prayer.)

Heart Center (inhale and exhale): Alleluia!
Back Bend (inhale): Christ is Risen!
Forward Fold (exhale): Christ is Risen, indeed!
Lunge Left (inhale): Alleluia!

Plank (exhale): Alleluia!
Chaturanga (inhale): Christ is Risen!
Up Dog (exhale): Christ is Risen, indeed!
Down Dog (inhale and exhale): Alleluia!

Lunge Right (inhale): Alleluia!
Forward Fold (exhale): Christ is Risen!
Back Bend (inhale): Christ is Risen, indeed!
Heart Center (exhale): Alleluia!

I know that there are many ways to do a Sun Salutation; this is the way that I learned to do it. If you have another preferred variation, feel free to use it instead. If the sequence doesn’t make a perfect combination of movements of four, you might have to add an “Alleluia” to the beginning or end pose.

Alleluia! Christ is Risen! Christ is risen, indeed! Alleluia! May you pray, breathe, and walk in the light of the Son of God through this entire Easter season!


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