Lent 2017 Prayer Posture Week 1: Confess

Lent, Prayer

This year on Sundays during Lent, we will be exploring both six major types of prayer and the prayer postures that go with them.  Each week will include a breath prayer, a sitting posture, and a whole body posture.  These practices are inspired by several Holy Yoga resources that I have researched or experienced over the past couple of years.  I hope that this resource will help to deepen your conversations with God this Lent.

Breath Prayer: a breath prayer is a simple prayer that you can pray as you focus on your breath.  Usually, there is a word or phrase to think or say while you breathe in, and a word or phrase to think or say as you breathe out.

Sitting Posture:  we are not always in the position to use our whole bodies to pray, or our physical limitations may preclude us from some of the suggested whole body poses.  Sitting posture poses were developed with these circumstances in mind.

Whole Body Posture:  these postures pair a yoga pose with a general type of prayer.  They help to engage your whole body, mind, and spirit in the practice of prayer.


The first type of prayer that we are exploring is confession.  It is a type of prayer where we admit our wrong doings to God and ask for forgiveness.  The great part about confession for me is the unburdening aspect; when I release my sins to God, I find that I, too, am released.

Breath Prayer:  I’m sorry.  (breathe out)  Forgive me.  (breathe in)

Sitting Posture:  Grasp each wrist with your opposite hand, as if you are “bound” to sin.

bound pose seated.jpg

Whole Body Posture:  Bound pose

On your knees, press your forehead to your knees and clasp your hands behind yourself under your seat.


Here is the prayer card that goes with this practice:  Prayer Practice 1 Confess cards

Over the course of Lent, the cards will combine to make a cross.


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